This website is optimized for the Sony Playstation Portable. If you dont own this device, this site is most probably useless for you.

PHP script for converting M3U Playlists into RSS-Feeds for the PSP

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Play all your MP3 files with you Sony PSP using WLAN. At home or anywhere in the world over the internet.

M3U2RSS generates RSS-Feeds for use with the PSP based on your M3U playlists. ID3 Tags of your MP3-files will be used for naming. You dont have to move your MP3-files, the script only needs to be able to open your mp3 for reading.


1. Extracte the files into any directory on your PHP-enabled Webserver.

2. Call this URL with your PSP Browser: http://yourserver/m3u2rss/index.php?filename=/local/path/to/your/playlist.m3u

3. Ready. Your PSP Browser should detect the RSS Stream now.

Current Version is 1.0a. Download

Attention: The PSP RSS-Browser cannot hold more than 100 entries. If your playlist is larger, m3u2rss will randomly choose 100 entries! Thanks to Klas Roggenkamp for this one!

All of this is very new, so I am glad for every feedback. A similar script, which I used as base (nearly a complete rewrite) can be found here! Reading of ID3 ist done using the id3v2.php ID3 tag reader class by Daniel Martinez-Morales.