This website is optimized for the Sony Playstation Portable. If you dont own this device, this site is most probably useless for you.

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Podcast Converter&Directory for PSP
Since Firmware 2.60 Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) can play RSS-Audio Feeds (Podcasting). Sadly the PSP has rather interesting requirements regarding the format of a podcasts. Thus most available feeds dont work!
The Podcasts / RSS-Feeds entered on this site will be converted into a format usable with your PSP automatically.
So simply add your Podcast-Link here and try it on your PSP!
Enter the PSP Podcast-Link Directory/Converter here.
Play your PC MP3-files with your PSP
The m3u2rss PHP script is able to make all your MP3-files available for the PSP as an RSS-Feed. You need a PC with a Webserver and PHP (eg. Apache) installed. Additionally your MP3-files have to be organized in one or multiple playlists in the "M3U" format (every Player can create that).
Follow this link for installation instructions and download.